Management Testimonials


    I first came into contact with Leanne Paynter (Turnbull) in September 2012 when she was assigned by Nest Property to manage and lease a property my husband and I purchased in Hobart while we were still living in Western Australia. This assignment was for a one-year term.

    I regard Leanne as an outstanding property manager. She has excellent skills and a broad commercial experience which gives flexibility in the type of work she can undertake.

    Leanne's high standards in all things, her integrity, good property and business sense and loyalty to her client have made her a valued member of the Property Management industry. She also has a pleasing personality and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a hardworking dedicated property manager.

    L Forster


    I have known Leanne for over 12 months in her capacity as property manager for Nest Property in Sandy Bay. In all this time I have found her honest, efficient and caring, and I would put absolute trust in her to represent me and my interests in the real estate area.

    She has a very friendly, open persona, which is something that I can highly recommend for communication with prospective tenants. She is an excellent negotiator and goes out of her way to make sure that, as a property owner, I am happy and comfortable with her management of my cottage.

    P Don


    Dear Leanne,

    This email is to express my appreciation for the work that you put into looking after my interests at my rental property. Thank you for your regular, honest assessments and also for rapidly attending to issues when there are maintenance issues.

    Right from the beginning of our business association, I was impressed with how many accurate pictures you took of the new home that I had purchased. They were more detailed than the ones that I had taken myself. I appreciate your efficiency and genuineness.

    Thank you for taking the worry out of managing my property for me.



    Thanks to Lyndal, Vanessa and the team at Nest for looking after out properties. Again, thanks to all the team and Nest for your professional care and attention.

    Tas Stark


    Just wanted to thank Nest and Emily in particular, with getting the property leased, I knew you guys could do it at $400. Well done to all and a big thank you. Emily has worked with me, a typical owner with change requests etc, without falter to produce the property being rented at a premium price.

    Emily has always responded in a timely manner, been super polite and represented exactly what I thought Nest portrayed, a premium service with outstanding results.

    So please accept my sincere thanks to both of you and Nest.

    J Deliu